2. Newsletter – Nordic Folkboat International German Championship 2017

Dear Folkboat-Sailors,

preparations for the International German Championship (IDM) on lake Constance (Bodensee) are in full gear. Today we want to provide with more helpful information.

First of all, here is a short overview of our program:

Saturday, August 26 / Sunday, August 27
On Saturday and Sunday you will have the opportunity to put the boats into the water, all race-related paperwork will be distributed, and the boats and sails will be measured. After all this preliminary work has been completed, the event will officially commence on Sunday evening at 18:00 hrs.

Monday, August 28 through Friday, September 1
From Monday through Friday all racing will take place. At the same time there will be a land-based program for non-sailing attendants.
On Tuesday evening we are planning the Flotten-Abend, and the grand gala will take place on Thursday evening.
From Friday afternoon on you will be able to move the boats to land, and we are tentatively planning the winners’ ceremony to start at 18:00 hrs, with the new German Champion to be celebrated.

Saturday, September 2
Saturday is a second day to move the boats to land and to say our good-byes.


For those of you who would like to vacation for a few days on our beautiful lake we are including this short guide to help you obtain a guest permit in the easiest fashion.

Landratsamt Lindau (County Office)

Person in charge: Please contact Mr. Jürgen Gabelberger directly at 08383-270-238, or  juergen.gabelberger@landkreis-lindau.de
For the time of the actual race, no documents or permits are necessary. However, we advise strongly to have the race document on board in case of a possible control.

For any vacation before or after the race, it will be necessary to obtain a special permit.

In the state of Bavaria it is not necessary to present your boat to the TÜV (this is contrary to the rules in Baden-Württemberg). It is sufficient to carry the special permit on board and show it in case of a control.
It is mandatory that you apply no later than 4 weeks before the beginning of the race (preferably 6 weeks) for this special permit. This needs to be done in writing, for example via e-mail; there is no official form that needs to be completed. Simply contact Mr. Gabelberger. The permit costs 25 euros.

The application needs to contain the following information:

  • Size and type of boat (length, width, and draft)
  • Type and serial number of the motor that is being carried along
  • Important: only 4-stroke engines are allowed (pending approval of the Landratsamt). Two-stroke engines are not allowed because of environmental reasons.

It is also possible to use a permitted motor that has been borrowed from one of the local sailors. Please note that in this case you will still need to list the type of motor and its serial number in the application. In other words: If you are planning to vacation but do not own a suitable motor, you should consider contacting local sailors ahead of time to rent or borrow one.


We would also like to remind you that it may be difficult to find accommodations in the area because of the concurrent Eurobike trade show and the meeting of Nobel Prize Winners. Here are a few addresses that may be helpful.

At this time, rooms are still available in the See-Hostel Wilhelmshöhe in Wasserburg-Reutenen. Contact: See-Hostel Wilhelmshöhe, Reutener Straße 73, 88142 Wasserburg-Reutenen, phone +49 (0)8382/5043231,  info@see-hostel.de, www.see-hostel.de.
Additionally, a vacation apartment 4 kilometers from the island is still available. Contact  www.fewo-rechtsteiner.de, phone: (+49) 8382 6049321.

For any other possible addresses we would like to refer you to our first newsletter, which you can still find on our homepage, http://www.folke-bodensee.de/
Invitation by Lindauer Segler Club:

The LSC is represented with a booth (Halle 14) at the boot fair in Düsseldorf. All Folkeboot sailors are invited to enjoy a Weisswurst-Breakfast on Sunday, January 22, at 11:00 hrs. It would be nice to see you at this place.


Somewhat belatedly we wish all of you a Happy New Year 2017!

We are looking forward to your visit!
More information: Elly Kaspar, Telephone +49(0)7528/920204,  elly.kaspar@t-online.de, www.folke-bodensee.de